My approach to selling records

What I've learned from Stan Rogers

Stan Rogers is my song writing idol. I put him above even Paul Simon, a closer inspiration stylistically.

But it was how he made his way as an independent artist that is most instructive. 

The music industry landscape is much different than it was for Stan, in some ways much better. Stan was never a radio mainstay. He made records that he sold at performances and through the mail from his record label. 

My favourite story is how people would write him to buy his new album and end up being in a lifelong correspondence with his mother.

It's that sort of connection, through music and life, that makes it so rewarding to be an artist. I have made my best friends through music. I am grateful every day for being given this opportunity to share this experience with others. 

Where new technology really helps is being able to give you not just what I think you want, but exactly what you want on a record for your repeated enjoyment. 

I am excited to announce that Handmade Records will be available on CD, USB and digital download. You can customize song selection and order, choose alternate versions or studio masters, and pick from my catalogue of other works. I want you to get exactly what you want out of my records. 

Feel free to drop me a line any time. 

And may we all make many new friends through music. 

Digital Albums

Dancing in the Kitchen


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Dance with your sweetheart through space and time, from your hometown to a jazz club in New York, with a layover in Mexico.

Love songs with heart and heat and humour to celebrate the spontaneous, tender moments of real love.

Produced by DKGray and Miles Wilkinson.

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Albums and Merch

Dancing in the Kitchen USB Card
  • Dancing in the Kitchen USB Card
  • Dancing in the Kitchen USB Card
  • Dancing in the Kitchen USB Card
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Enjoy 30 minutes of danceable romance featuring some of the best session musicians in western Canada.

From the country rock fire of Can You Feel My Heart Beat to the sexy jazz of slow dance, this record is meant to be the soundtrack to romance, a testament to love.

8GB USB card loaded with MP3 and WAV (CD quality) playlists.

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